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Monday, May 16, 2011

May 15 Update

The California Listening Team/Pastoral Team Invites you to the RoseBowl in Pasadena 11/11/11 as we seek the Father for His Visitation.
Thank You for partnering with us with your giving for 11/11/11.


Dear Ones: On this email

The Next 3 parts of the The Counsel of God, Given at The Global call School of the Prophets in Corona April 13-16th 2011

A Prayer Call Reminder to Weds May 18th @ 10:30AM

This Wednesday, May 18th, at 10:30am Pacific Standard Time, we will have our prayer conference call for the 11/11/11 gathering in preparation for what The Holy Spirit intends to do around the world and the Rose Bowl. It will start at 10:30am sharp and will last for approximately 1 hour. If you could join us, it would be wonderful! Each call has been amazing! Thank you for your faithful participation! God is up to something glorious!

The call number is 641 715-3200, access code is 270851#.
Please ask the Holy Spirit what you are to pray, as there are many details to cover!

U R Loved,
Pastor Lorraine
Pastor Lorraine D. Coconato

Dear CA Listening Team, Lift California and Global Friends

At the Corona Global Call School Of the Prophets, we asked the Holy Spirit for specific direction for California, our nation and the world.

The Holy Spirit spoke to us in very specific terms concerning:

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The Holy Spirit has pronised to stand with us, if we are obedient.
And that we must mobilize quickly.
The prophetic calendar is advancing rapidly.

Be sure to listen to the messages on www.RoseBowlGathering.info

Friday, April 29, 2011


Thank You Listening Team and LIFT and Global Friends for your servant support.

Remember the Listening Team Call Friday May 6th @ 4 PM

Every 3rd Weds at 10;30 am ---

General outline for those that desire to host a regional Prepare Gatherings prior to the 11/11/11.

This announcement is addressed to those that would like to host one or more of the monthly Prepare-prayer regional gathering throughout California, the US and other countries.or desire to be involved directly with the 11-11-11 prayer mobilization. Please forward us your contact information. Your Inputs/suggestions are always appreciated and should be forwarded to the coordinating team to Dr. Sue Rowe @ pryrwatch@sbcglobal.net

Host should agree to utilize the following guidelines:

1. A LINE IN THE SAND prepare gathering/encounter are scheduled to prepare our hearts for what the Holy Spirit intends to do at the 11/11/11 gatherings. Primarily, these gatherings will be held on the 11th of each month. many are being scheduled on alternate dates. We want to be AT THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME so we will not miss what God is saying and doing. The suggested time would be 7-10 PM on a week day or 1-5 PM on a Saturday. The time, of course, is at the discretion of each area host leader. Many previous gatherings have been met with Holy Spirit visitation especially in the area of travailing intercession.

2. Every minister/leader who desires to be a part of the facilitation/listening team during the Prepare gathering should arrive at least a half hour before the meeting begins so that all have an oppurtonity to seek the Holy Spirit concerning what He desires to do in the meetings.
Some of the Senior and Young Prophets have made themselves available upon request to help facilitate these meetings. Please give sufficient time to schedule these requests. Also if they come, please allow adequate time for them to present what they hear the Holy Spirit saying.. What works best in order is Worship. A time to share the vision of 11/11/11. The offering. The message if there is one. Calling of the prophets to minister together. Calling of the intercessors and impartation of travail.

3. Please provide a Sign-in Sheet or cards at these gatherings to further mobilize and provide updates for the upcoming 11/11/11 gathering. The sign-in should request the name, address, phone number and e-mail. Email addresses are a must. All information should be legibly printed. At the close of these gatherings please email this list back to prayunceasingly@juno.com so that they can be included in the update list.

4. Utilize a listening team during the gatherings. What is the Holy Spirit saying during the course of the evening and how should all respond.

5. During times of sharing, intercession and declaration, unspecified attendees should be given 3 minutes. Please make this clear at the beginning of the session. Should the host or team sense more time is needed or that the Holy Spirit is flowing, allow another 3 minutes and so on. Avoid rabbit trails or teachings during the testimonies unrelated to the the 11/11/11 gathering or condescending focuses unless the Holy Spirit is addressing issues pertaining to healing and reconciliation.

6. When a main speaker is utilized, stay on the focus concerning the gathering to encourage a stir faith to believe God for great things in California and the world. The Holy Spirit is already doing this..Record and sell CD's of your gathering when possible. CD sales proceeds go to the hosting gathering to help cover your costs. Please stay away from strange teachings.

7. Should travail or other expressions of the Holy Spirit emerge, the listening team should discern how to proceed unless it is out of order. Individuals should not start praying overly-loud or prophesying unless asked to do so by the hosting pastor/minister/listening team leaders. Prophetic Words may be addressed first to an appointed individual who will allow them when the time is right.

8. Keep sound levels at a comfortable range for everyone.

9. A freewill love offering should be taken up for the 11-11-11 event under the direction of the hosting pastor/minister. Checks can be made to Rose Bowl Gathering/ RTV and sent directly to RTV International at 5666 Sorrel Hills, Chino Hills, CA 91709. Please allow someone to share the 11/11/11 before taking the offering. If you are shy about taking the offering, appoint one that is anointed to do it.

9. Hand out materials for the 11/11/11 gathering are available by request through Pastor Ruth Hillary/ Timothy Weaver shilohtc@gmail.com . only after confirmation from Dr. Sue Rowe at pryrwatch@sbcglobal.net Please allow at least 25 days prior to the monthly Prepare gathering. When we are given sufficient time, we will also help to promote your gathering.

10. The area Host should know the specific prayer needs for the 11-11-11 Rose Bowl Encounter and provide them at each gathering so that they can be covered at and beyond the gathering. The prayer coordinating committee will try to e-mail the hosting pastors/leaders the immediate prayer requests before their prayer rally. This information is available at LOHealing@aol.com

11. We want to give the Holy Spirit complete freedom to do as He pleases at these gatherings.
These gathering will focus ONLY TO LIFT UP JESUS - the NAME above ALL names and creating an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit is welcome.! Please refrain from judgment prophecy. Focus rather on the good things God is doing.

12. It is up to the regional Host to invite the people of God to these gatherings. Stationary is available upon request @ prayunceasingly@juno.com after schedule affirmation.

13. Please call/contact hosting pastors/ministers before the prepare gatherings to make arrangements and come at least a half hour early should you desire to set up a table for sales of an item that will bring in revenue for the 11-11-11 God event or any ideas pertaining to the increase of donations to help with expenses of 11-11-11.

14. The Holy Spirit desires to use"the nameless, faceless people of God" prepared on the backside of the desert. But he also wants to use those that have labored for so many years. We need one another. All are welcomed to be used by the Holy Spirit at these gatherings. That's why these meetings have to prepare all of our hearts for the great outpouring that GOD IS ABOUT TO DO! Our hearts should be always in a mode of seeking after Him. Our spirit-man should be revived - and remain revived. We are to be in REVIVAL and RESTORATION MODE, EVEN NOW, so that the fullness of REVIVAL and RESTORATION will come forth on 11-11-11 as we all gather, ready for the TSUNAMI WAVE OF HIS GLORY! We have conceived this heavenly vision as HE has deposited it into our spirits. It is now ALL of our RESPONSIBILITY to take care of and carry this "baby" so that it can be delivered to it's fullness on 11-11-11 and continue to grow in maturity thereafter. The impact of this will be seen all over the world. It is greater than the Azusa Revival and all other preceding revivals, for "the latter shall be greater than the former." That's why WE ALL MUST BE CAREFUL NOT TO TOUCH HIS GLORY! We don't want a strange fire, we want the REAL FIRE and POWER of the Holy Ghost that will transform lives radically and permanently FOR HIS GLORY!

In Preparation for the Regional Gatherings.

The area team leaders should know the specific needs for the 11-11-11 Rose Bowl Event and provide them for each prayer meeting so that they can be covered. The prayer coordinating committee will try to e-mail the hosting pastors/leaders the immediate prayer requests before their prayer rally. The current prayer concerns may be obtained from the Prayer Coordinator, Pastor Loraine Cocanato at LOHealing@aol.com

Every month will focus on specific goals and a specific prayer list. We believe that the Holy Spirit will give us specific instruction each time we gather, showing us how to move forward with this great gathering. Each region should have a contact leader to hasten the mobilization. All area team leaders should be in contact with each other. All area team leaders should have each other's contact info and lift one another up in prayer and intercession.

When possible try to join the monthly prayer conference call on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at noon with Host pastor Loraine Cocanoto to stay informed with the progress and up to date with the prayer needs. The call number is (641) 715-3200 and access code is 270851#.

We love you and bless you in your endeavors for His Kingdom!
Your Co-Laborers, Family & Friends IN CHRIST,

Pastors Puredi, Ruth and Timothy
Please also join us on the 3rd Wed of each month for a conference prayer at noon. The call number is (641) 715-3200 and access code is 270851#.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Medford Gathering

This gathering is limited to Mobilizer in any US state, or International Country, Your attentance is Needed for either one of the 4 day 2 weeks date stays. This gathering of international leaders is to get the heart of the Jesus and the Father for what the Holy Spirit wants to do.

We are in pursuit of blessing and visitation. He will not fail us but we can safely trust in Him to meet us.

Dear Global Friends, Ca Listening Team and Lift, On behalf of our Hosts in Israel and Jeff Shelton we invite you to gather with us to seek the Father's heart for 11/11/11 for what He wants to do. The Holy Spirit is sending out His 11 invitation. This gathering is not centered on Israel but the 11/11/11 gatherings. Israel desires to bless those that have blessed Israel by paying for this gathering..

View the Hosting Retreat Center In Oregon


There are 2 different dates planned for those that are unable to attend the first week.

The delegation representative from Israel, Jeff Shelton has made request if we can call leaders from around the world to come to a retreat center in Grants Pass either the week of May 24th-27th or May 31 to Jun 3 2011 to hear what the Lord is saying to us about 11/11/11 so that leaders can go back to their countries and share the heart of the father for this gathering. This meeting is not about Israel but rather to seek the Father for his heart for 11/11/11

If you plan to attend you must register through Pasto Keith Brandt

Much Rick Wright / David Andrade


About the Preparation Global Leader Gathering for 11/11/11

Dates May 24-May 27 or May 31 - Jun 3 2011

We will be providing Housing, Meals, Transport too & from Airport from Grants Pass

The following are Airflights coming into Medford.

Airport connections international, via San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle

Carriers: Delta, Allegaint (LA, Pheonix, Las Vegas) United, Alaska/Horizon



Gatherings are now being planned in countries around the world
Also, we are meeting to finalize the contract with the Rose Bowl tomorrow Friday March 25th 2011

For those that have made a finacial commitment, we need it now. Donations can also be made at www.RoseBowlgathering.info

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Summary of the 3-11 Prayer Rally - "Divine Order"


Everything that God revealed to us beforehand took place. Pastor Ruth asked for a Jewish Rabbi to do the communion, and God provided one. She also asked for the coming together of different worshippers that lead and/or play various instruments. God again provided. God also showed her that most people were to wear 11.11.11 t-shirts, and it came to pass.

From the time we got there to begin setting up, everyone was already excited and in anticipation and the atmosphere was already charged up with the presence of God. A joyous celebratory atmosphere was present and undeniable. Love was in the air as everyone hugged and greeted one another. Everyone put on their 11.11.11 t-shirts with gladness.

The Jewish rabbi, who did the communion, prayed in Hebrew, stayed the whole time, enjoyed himself, and was also led by the Holy Spirit in ministering to others. Others also prayed in their native languages (English, Samoan, Navajo, Tagalog, Spanish, Vietnamese, etc.)

God miraculously brought together 5 praise and worship leaders/groups who didn't really know each other in the natural, but were all obedient, answering the call to be there and unite, offering a sacrifice of praise and worship as one to the ONE and ONLY true God. Each had a different style, age group and nationality, yet IN CHRIST, none of this mattered because everyone was in the Spirit that night and we all just flowed as ONE. There were 21 people collectively in HIS PRAISE AND WORSHIP TEAM.

The children, the youth, adults, and elderly all joined in giving their abandoned praise and worship as they danced, jumped, sang, ran, did a Jericho March, used flags, tamborines, and all sorts of instruments to worship the King of all Kings and the Lord of all Lords.

God's praise and worship team flowed all through the night united as ONE until 2 AM. It was such a beautiful, powerful, heavenly sound. It is undescribable.

In the midst of all of this high and intense worship and praise, salvation, rededication, deliverance and healing took place. The prophetic Word of the Lord also came forth as well as prophetic songs and declarations. IT WAS so AWESOME to see it all taking place at the same time without one man controlling it. All the leaders were being led by the Holy Spirit and everything was in DECENCY and in HIS DIVINE ORDER! There were 21 pastors/leaders/evangelists/rabbi's that God divinely brought together to lead that night. There was much diversity in culture, tradition, race, socio-economic status, educational level, age, etc; yet "with one voice they praised and gave thanks."

(The number 21 is very significant for us at Shiloh Tabernacle because God used a pastor/prophet from San Francisco to proclaim His message to us on January 14, 2011 that we have 21 arrows in our quiver which means that it is already full and the arrows are ready to be shot out in every direction under the direct guidance of the Lord, which will in turn affect the whole world.)

Nobody really wanted to go home, even though the service had been going on for 7 hours. Even the kids and the young people wanted to stay longer. We had to tell them to leave as we had 3 weddings/renewals to do the following day, which was another glorious and powerful God event where several Muslims (family of the bride) got saved.

A freewill love offering was taken for the expenses for the 11.11.11 Rose Bowl. People gave willingly and cheerfully.

Aside from the spiritual fellowship, we also had fellowship afterward with various kinds of food, which we also all enjoyed eating together.

We praise God for ALL THAT HE DID and know that it will only get better as we continue to yield/surrender to His perfect will and UNITE AS ONE IN AND THROUGH HIM.

For those interested in viewing the 3.13.11 Prepare Rally in Rancho Cucamonga, it will be uploaded soon to the website: www.rosebowlgathering.info.

God bless you all.

Your Co-laborers in Christ,

Pastors Puredi and Ruth

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Special Article: Because Someone Was Obedient

A Special Message to the People of Prayer -


By David Andrade (davidandcyndie@aol.com)

I don't claim to know how it all works but I sense that the Holy Spirit is calling many of us to get up in the night to pray and intercede for His Visitation and our loved ones.

There is a manner in which the Holy Spirit comes forth to carry out his purposes and changes the destiny of men and women. And I believe we have entered into that season.

Travail is not always pretty. Because the Holy Spirit prays with groaning that are beyond our own and when He prays through us things change.

Are you being refreshed in the battle or are you being torn by it?

In the early 70s I received the Lord in a prison ministry the day that we moved into a house after a business failure.

My wife was pregnant and we had a couple of new babies. The living room and bed room were full of unopened boxes and we had not set up a bed for that night.

Amidst that, I went to church at the invitation of a friend and received the Lord that night. Still, leaving my wife behind to go to church did not leave a good impression on her at the time.

A few months latter, during a service, I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Both, experiences brought dramatic change into my life, but the Baptism brought a presence that made God very real and personal. I know that many that receive the Holy Spirit never experience the gushing river from the belly. I remember at every cry for more the gusher increased from a trickle to a river.

Dressed For War

As much as it was so wonderful to experience such an open heaven of the Holy Spirit, I was shaken by other realities that the Baptism of the Holy Spirit stirred when I went home. Sometimes, we can be unaware of how an event can change our lives and move us into realities that were in our midst all the time, yet unseen because our existence had little effect on them.

Unknown to me or my family was that there was a group of individuals meeting across the street every full moon to practice Santeria. From the day that I received the Baptism, I began to feel the pressure of the neighborhood especially when they met. Even my kids began to experience the discomfort of the thick darkness that would try to force its curtain within the boundaries of our home.

The Need for the Intercession of One-another, The Blood of Jesus and Someone is praying and declaring

As a new Christian, I remember trying to get help with what was happening but. It became obvious that few understood and for a long time I and my family were alone in this.

One night, during one of the assaults, a voice spoke out of the room. The Blood of Jesus. Someone unseen, other than ourselves had taken charge in obedience or command of the Lord. An explosion immediately cleared the air and then as I explained to my kids they learned immediately to do the same.

The Unexpected Clash between the Good and Evil

One night, it was necessary to go outside during one of their meeting nights. One of the men in their group hurried in a rage from the yard across the street and rapped his hand around my neck. I went down in a panic, grasping for air. As I moved from one conscious state to another, I entered into light. I could feel the living being inside the case of my body leaving but it stopped to watch something going on about 3 miles away.

When I first received the Lord, there was a Catholic women whose name was Ann Shaw who had decided that the Lord was going to use me. Well okay, but what did that mean to me? When we moved into the house, I was broke and did not even own a car. I had tried to get help for the situation in the neighborhood. Then I had called a place called Melodyland Christian Center and Pastor Ralph Wilkerson said come down, they would help. Ann so much believed that the Lord had spoken to her, she paid my way to get into bible school, there and would take the bus to work so that I could use her Volkswagen to go

Back in the Body

Well as I was leaving, I saw Ann praying for me in her home, 3 miles away. But she was doing it in a manner I had never seen before. She was wailing and groaning, bowed over gripping her stomach. A few moments latter my spirit settled back into my body. What ever she had done prevailed over my situation to keep me alive...

A few days latter I saw Ann again at the Mission Prayer meeting. When I asked her what had happened, she said, The Lord asked her if she would pray for me. When she said yes, something else took over. It was not her praying.

The Holy Spirit wants to pray through us and lives may depend on it...

I wonder how many times the Holy Spirit has come to me during the night and I responded, just a few minutes and woke latter in the morning never responding. I wonder how many times the Holy Spirit comes to us in the night and someone's life depends on it. And we rather turn over and return to our sleep.

I needed someone to prayer the presence of the Lord into my situation and I have Ann to thank for her obedience.

Because of her obedience I live and travail was imparted in me.

The Defining Factor

I don't claim to know how it all works. I do know that much in God never changes and that the intercession of the Spirit through the Saints will remain with us. I am concerned that we are so focused on the judgment of God, that we need to be reminded that when we come together to exalt and worship Him, he does not answer us with hatred and judgment but love acceptance and the presence of His pleasure. I believe as people of prayer and carriers of His presence and message of mercy and grace to all mankind, we need to get busy when we since the time is near. He has promised us to come with times of refreshing, so let us prepare our hearts for the season.

There are things that will not change

We must all be born again, and if we are going to live a life with power over sin, and witnesses, and live a life of sanctification, we must seek Him for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit because He said so.

Jesus said, He gives this promised gift of the Father to all who ask and will obey Him.

Holy Spirit travailing intercession is only one of His instruments, He wants to do through us to bring forth the Son's of God.

Amidst all the stuff that is going on in the world right now. I wonder how much of it would change if we would just say yes, when He comes and asks us to be His instrument of intercession and let Him do that in whatever manner it looks like even, if it is loud and not pretty.

I believe the Holy Spirit wants us to enter into a season where people come to know the goodness of God. Yes, judgment will come, but for now someone put the pale Horse back into its stall so that the Glory and knowledge of God might be seen and know by all upon the whole earth.

So that people can have an opportunity to truly turn away by their own will, the goodness of God or turn to God.

Please Pray and Agree with me…

Do not pass me by. I will to be an instrument for whatever your purposes. And so will your people in the day of visitation.

With Much Love,

David Andrade

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Releasing the awesome plan of God for California!

Releasing the awesome plan of God for California!

The Apostolic & Prophetic Anointing Flowing Together


Our California mandate and passion!


Write the vision, and make it plain that he may run that readeth it. Hab. 2:2


There is a "fresh fire" on this message! God is moving powerfully!!

You will be encouraged and empowered, and people will be healed in these meetings. God is faithful!

"And they went forth, and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen."(Mark 16:20)

Please note that since the release of the book "God, Gold & Glory!" much of the focus in the California meetings is releasing the awesome plan of God for the state ... and correspondingly fanning the fires of prayer and desperation for God.

However, we will always consider each meeting as a healing and miracle meeting and allow the Holy Ghost to have His way. Indeed, the gifts flow powerfully and many miracles and healings manifest in the services. People are healed frequently in these meetings, and Grace will flow powerfully in the seers/prophetic anointing with personal words ... as God is faithful!

Besides, from 1906 to today "the fire of God" with notable miracles and healings and the spirit of prophecy are California's spiritual heritage!


March 6 (Sun a.m.) Westside Ministries ~ Turlock, Ca.

Releasing the healing ministry of Jesus and the mighty plan of God for California

Contact: Rev. JoLynn DiGrazia

Service time: 11 a.m.

Location: 950 Columbia St.

Web: www.westsideministriesturlock.com

April 13 - 16 (Wed thru Sat) Global School of the Prophets ~ Corona, Ca.
Releasing the healing ministry of Jesus and the mighty

plan of God for California

Contact: Rev. David Andrade

Location: Corona Christian Center ~ 1901 W. Ontario Ave.

Ph: 626-372-4163

Service times & speakers: see web below

Web: http://nav.hispowerportal.com/school-of-the-prophets/index1.php

April 23 (Sat a.m.) Pleasonton/Livermore Aglow ~ Dublin, Ca.

Releasing the healing ministry of Jesus and the mighty plan of God for California

Location: Parkway Fellowship Church ~ 7485 Village Parkway, Dublin (IHOP Int'l)

Service time: 10 a.m.

Contact: Suzanna Martinez 925-462-5840 or Shannon Granado 925-980-0431

Email: martinezarnulfo@sbcglobal.net

May 27 & 28 (Fri & Sat) Gateway to Glory Ministry ~ O'Neill, Neb.

Releasing the healing ministry of Jesus & encouraging the church!

Contact: Pastors Terry & Kerri Clevinger

Location: 209 West Douglas

Service times: p.m. ... ? TBA

Ph: 402-775-2273 or 402-394-1097

Email: glorytrain@nntc.net

June 26 (Sun a.m.) Life Changing Ministries ~ San Bernardino, Ca.

Releasing the healing ministry of Jesus and the mighty

plan of God for California

Contact: Dr. Reginald Woods

Location: 5395 N. "F" St.

Service Times: 8:30 a.m. & 10 a.m.

Ph: 909-822-3277

Web: http://www.lifecm.org/site/HOME/tabid/175/Default.aspx


This short "trailer" of a video of Henry Falany in a studio and TV audience setting will encourage the California church. It is an example of the fresh spirit that Henry and Grace are releasing across the Golden State.

You will see and hear a passion for the California church to rise to the voice of the prophets.

Watch Here


PLEASE CLICK HERE: www.GodGoldandGlory.com

Phone: 209-966-5090

Email: hisword@sierratel.com

See the Falany's bio ... click here!

Contact Information
Mariposa Revival Center
P.O. Box 1269
Mariposa, Ca 95338

Email: hisword@sierratel.com

Phone: 209-966-5090

Friday, February 25, 2011

Pre-Prayer Rallies - JOIN US!

Dear Apostles, Prophets, Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,

On behalf of Pastor David Andrade and the coordinating team for 11-11-11 Rose Bowl God Event, we are extending an invitation to everyone who is willing and available on any 11th of each month until the event. We will be having monthly Pre-Prayer rallies in preparation for this God event at different locations as the Lord leads. Please e-mail us the dates that you are available to join us so we can inform the hosting pastors/minister/church.

We have one of these Pre-Prayer rallies scheduled here in Rancho Cucamonga, CA on March 11 and one in Bakersfield on April 11. We are all looking forward to co-laboring with all of you in this great harvest! God bless!

Pastors Puredi and Ruth Hillary
Email: shilohtc @ gmail.com

Grateful Memories

We are thankful for the partnership with Fred and Wilma Berry and The Azusa Street Mission and their Custodial oversite of the Bonnie Brae House.

Below are some helpful links concerrning the 100 year promise by William Seymour and Charles Parham

“In 1906—when racism and lynching was at its highest. The year when 3,000 black men were lynched—it was called ‘red summer’—that God took a one-eyed, black preacher and made him the leader of the Azusa Street revival and he (Seymour) touched black, white, Asian, Hispanics, male, female,” Berry said as he spoke about Bishop Seymour.

“It is said that the color line was washed away in the blood. That was one of the sayings that came out of the revival that the blood (of Jesus) was enough to wash away racism,” Berry added.

He said racism is still here and the church is supposed to deal with it. That’s why the question is constantly asked of all Pentecostal members, “Do you remember the Azusa Street Revival?”

The Azusa Street Revival lasted more than three years and is widely considered to be the catalyst that ignited the worldwide Pentecostal movement. It is reported that more than 600 million living in the United States, Latin America, Africa and Asia can trace their religious origins to the Azusa Street Revival and Bishop Seymour.






Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Groundswell has begun!

A Global Ground Swell has begun, especially throughout California in anticipation of the 11/11/11 Gathering.

Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Throughout the years, many events have come and gone. Though, not unfruitful, ----they were events...!

We believe that the Holy Spirit is preparing hungry hearts for 11/11/11 for something He wants and intends to do! We believe that He will visit us and the nations with an indelible, supernatural, holy visitation!

We believe that the Holy Spirit is coming to empower us for the harvest with visitation as He promised William Seymour over 100 years ago that the whole world will come to experience His Glorious Saving Grace through Jesus Christ His Son.

In anticipation of the 11/11/11 gathering, many senior prophets have asked to come and help prepare God's people and encourage California as we will serve His purposes throughout the coming months.

This is something He is doing.

The First Heart Preparation Gathering is Friday Evening, Feb 11, 2011, 7:30pm!

with Pastor Lorraine D. Coconato and other Pastors throughout California and abroad.

The Place
@ Leaves of Healing Tabernacle
9420 Lurline Ave, Unit D
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Friday, 7:30pm

Phone: 818.700.7810

The People of Prayer United Together for 11/11/11

Pastor Loraine Cocanato



Don't forget to click here to Register Now For The Global Call School Of the Prophets April 13-16th 2011

And to click here to learn more and REGISTER NOW for the Awakening Conference FEB 23-26TH 2011 JUBILEE CAMIRILLO, CA - Registration is FREE!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Feb 11, 2011, 7:30pm

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Pastors, Friends and Co-laborers,

We are happy to host a night of Praise, Worship and Prayer
in preparation for the Rose Bowl 11/11/11
at Leaves of Healing Tabernacle,
on Friday evening, Feb 11, 2011, 7:30pm!

with Pastor Lorraine D. Coconato
@ Leaves of Healing Tabernacle
9420 Lurline Ave, Unit D
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Friday, 7:30pm
Phone: 818.700.7810

We love and bless you and all of our global family in Jesus name, Amen!

We are working to connect the entire state, nation and the globe with live streaming on your cell phone. For those that would like to pray with us.

More info will follow

With love

Pastor Lorraine

Monday, January 17, 2011

Official Short Report

Blessings to the California Listening Team, LIFT CALIFORNIA, the Prophetic Roundtable and 11/11/11 Global friends

A short report concerning 1/11/2011 Rose Bowl prayer walk.

About 80+ attended the 1/11/11 Rose Bowl prayer inside the Rose Bowl. Pasadena, Ca in preparation for the 11/11/11 gathering

About the Rose Bowl Representative Meeting

Pastor Joseph, Michael and myself meet with the Rose Bowl manager.

In the meeting, the representative from the committee gave us a an overveiw concerning their expectations as a reality set in that the 11/11/11 gathering could attract well 25,000.

We have a current commitment of about 6,000 and we are barely getting started. They want us to assure them that the attendance will be less than 25,000 but they prefer not more than 20,000.

Should we decide to go the larger than 25,000, the charges will exponentially go up since they will need to close down the golf course for parking.

So we need to hear from the Holy Spirit as to what He desires.

Some of those that are working with the finaces have said that the event will easily pay for itself and we should go for the 100,000.

The Rose Bowl also asked that we do not use the field, that includes the stage.

We are negotiating.

We can easily assemble a stage in the bleachers and many right now say this is the way to go.

About the Rose Bowl Prayer Gathering

Among attendees 10 were from out of state.

Attendees came from as far as Atlanta, Georgia, Wisconsin, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Michigan.

Some that attended represented Salem Broadcasting KKLA,
the Jerusalem Post, the Barnabus Group, and the Chairman of the National Day of Prayer.

Global Mobilization in Progress

US East Coast, Uganda 11/11, Israel 11/11 and Korea 11/11.

Others have stated an interest.

Pastor Rick Wright and David Andrade

Thursday, January 13, 2011

We Gathered for Prayer on 1-11-11

In early preparation for the Rose Bowl Gathering in November on 11-11-11, we called for the interested intercessors to meet us at the Rose Bowl on 1-11-11 at 11 am and we were impressed with the 80-100 folks who showed up!

They were not just from the California Area, but from all over the nation!

We shared what we could, but re-construction activity there was so noisy that we had trouble doing all that we planned to do.

None the less, this shows us that God is speaking to hearts about this Gathering of His people.

We will soon have a sign up sheet for attendance and for intercessors who wish to join us in this preparation.

ALSO, our web site, the www.RoseBowlGathering.info also has a way that you can contribute now with your credit card or bank through PayPal. This is a trusted free internet service and you do not have to join it to use them. Just look for the link that says pay with your debit or credit card. Or you can mail us at the address on our website.

Our first deposit for the stadium is $25,000. It will take God moving on hearts for us to accomplish this, but He has been showing Himself willing in so many ways that we are trusting Him for this.

When we met with the managers, they said we could meet there on that day with strict limitations of use if there were 20,000 people, but if there were more, we would have to pay more for the broader use (like a stage). We are hoping that we will have more than 20,000 people who will show up and sign up as volunteers and contributors to meet all these needs.

Please pray for us! And please do what He speaks to your heart as we pull together in this Kingdom effort.

God bless you!

LOVE, David Andrade

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Important Info

To All of the friends of The Ca Listening Team/ Lift California / As well as our Global Friends


1. The address is Rose Bowl Stadium ~ 1001 Rose Bowl Drive ~ Pasadena, CA 91103 Gate A 10:45 am

2. Yes anyone may attend.

3. The Tues Jan/11/11 Gathering will be about 4 hours.

4. The stadium holds 80-90,000 but the 1/11/11 10:45 is a small group gathering to pray on the grounds.

5. The comments pertaining to the intercessors concerns the ground field not seating area.

There will be plenty of seating throughout the stadium on the Friday *Veterans Day* Nov/11/11 event.

6. Yes we always appreciate prayer. Prayer coordinating information will be posted next week.

On behalf of the team Pastor Rick Wright/ David Andrade:

God richness and blessing be upon you and yours as we enter into 2011

I begin to first thank you for being our friends.

1. Thank you for the many of you that have responded to our time of prayer on Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We will be meeting at 10:45 am at GATE A at the ROSE BOWL. For those coming, there is plenty of free parking. Some on the Rose Bowl Committee will be with us as we pray for the Nov. gathering.

We have received some response from the praying Korean Community as they would like to fill the ground level field with 5,000 intercessors.

After hearing Bob Jones the other Friday in LA, the Holy Spirit maybe saying to us to reserve 2/3 of the ground level field for all intercessors and the other 1/3 with worshipers and the seating to everyone else.

Commissioning the Intercessors

2. Some of the facilitating team are sensing that it is extremely important that the Prophets commission and lay hands on the Intercessors on the Friday session of the Global Call School of The Prophets.

More detail may be found at www.GlobalSchoolOfTheProphets.info

Or you may tab the following link http://nav.hispowerportal.com/school-of-the-prophets/index1.php

3. Remember the Awakening Conference coming up Feb 23-26th 2011 at Jubilee Church in Camarillo with Pastor Steve Dittmar.

4. A few of made request concerning the Real Life And Times / 11/11 Doug Addison article written in 2004

The link follows. You need to scroll down to page 14.


The EPIC East Coast Gathering



1 Peter 5:6 (Amplified) Therefore humble yourselves [demote, lower yourselves in your own estimation] under the mighty hand of God, that in due time He may exalt you,






Read more at InTheImageOfHisGlory.com

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thank you...

This is a thank you to so many that have served the Listening Team and LIFT California TEAM throughout 2010.

2010 was different, It was a year of victories in the midst of challenge, unexpected battles, as they rose in our midst without warning, storms in the midst of a storm, holding on to the end of a shoe string when all you had was God.

And he pulled you through.


2011 is at the door and this is not a common door, no, not in any way, shape or form.

Yes, it is one of blessings to those laboring in the kingdom. It is one of increase in the things of God.

2011 will be a year of fulfillment of personal destiny and corporate promise.


I want to thank the many of you that continue to send your 11 invite testimonies. AWESOME

Here is the link to Rick Joyner's Sunday Service 2 weeks back on "11-11."

Rick Wright and I were blown away how many websites have gone up concerning 11/11/11 and the Rose Bowl. But they arose out of attendees of meetings where it was apparent the Holy Spirit was doing and saying something, and many prophets have become global messengers in the highways and byways around the world to come to an 11 feast.

Since the 11 testimonies continue to come, I sense, we are getting a greater picture as to what the Holy Spirit is saying to many in the church.

Yesterday, some of us meet with a repesentative of a group coming from Israel. I know some of you think this is a lot of hype, but I have never seen anyting like this. And like me, you will eventually get it because sometimes, we need to hear from many before we get it.


Reading comments, this is what I have observed..

2011 is the year that God individually promises supernatural fulfillment.

To the Apostle, it will be the year of the Apostle.

To the Prophet, it will be the year of the Prophet.

To the prayer warrior, the year of answered prayer.

To the pastor, a tabernacle filled to overflowing with the resident presence of God.

To the 11th hour Kingdom laborer, the sower and reaper rejoicing together bringing in the harvest, all doers of miracles, and receiving the same wages as those that have labored for so many years.

Outpouring will rise in our streets, and salvation to the darkest corners of the earth.

Treasures in the midst of darkness will become some of the greatest anointed preachers to the salvation of God and the Blood of Jesus.

The desperate, hungry for God, will be filled.

To Teachers, and those that want to know Him, your theology will change in 2011 and become closer to His theology.

Still, it will also be a year of storms, and cold, fires, earthquakes and distress, terrorist plots, wars and rumors of wars.

But, what I sense is that many will find that they do not need money to reign. They only need to be possessors of the blessing.

Personally, I sense many of you need to apply now for passports, because you will be called in a moment to go to the place of the fulfillment of your promise somewhere.

So it maybe better to avoid the passport rush, or just let the Holy Spirit translate you there.

Be sure to read Carol Kelley's post on www.RoseBowlGathering.info

Thursday, December 30, 2010

He Spoke Through the Wind

This testimony comes from the 30 pastors that were praying at the Rose Bowl prior to the Ca Listening Team gathering.

Testimony by Pastor Joseph Martin.
The pastors were from all differnt denominations and streams.

For The Rose Bowl 11/11/11:

We were all in the 3rd level of the press Box at the Rose Bowl (Sometimes called the Upper Room. Pastor Smith was on His knees in deep prayer when He announced out loud that GOD was going to move among us.

Earlier I had been praying by the window and knew that God was going to speak by the wind and that it would begin where we where standing and blow far into the South Land. The Boundaries would mark God’s area(s) of first influence.

I was up speaking to the group when asked if I would yield for the word of GOD because of Pastor Smith’s announcement.

From the instant of yielding, the winds of God began to blow. Pastor Smith said that it would be like the original UPPER-ROOM (Act.2:2-4) experience. We were first shocked at the force of the wind, then almost alarmed at the strength of it.

We each prayed silently as we listened to the individual tiles flap and creak on the roof of the ROSE BOWL. The wind marked the room and those standing there that day, and, on the evening news the weather man spoke of trees falling in many areas of the southland.

God marked the initial outpouring of His Spirit … the entire southland will be HIS footstool! Soon!

The UPPER ROOM was quiet except for the sound of the wind which was abrupt and immediate!

The Lord had spoken. It is done.

We Have a Website now too!

Be sure to see our website: http://www.RoseBowlGathering.info

Capable Help Needed

The meeting in 11/11/11 is going to need capable people at the helm.

There are some 5 worship teams that have already asked to serve.

A professional sound company called yesterday.

Today, A leader called representing General Shimon, and asked if they could bring a large group from Israel of 33 leaders.

He was with us at the School of the prophets.
He said they are receiving the 11 call and know that they are supposed to be there.

Unbelievable,Unbelievable, Unbelievable,
Incredible what can be done when it is the Holy Spirit doing it.



The date is on for 11-11-11.

Hope to see you there!