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Thursday, January 13, 2011

We Gathered for Prayer on 1-11-11

In early preparation for the Rose Bowl Gathering in November on 11-11-11, we called for the interested intercessors to meet us at the Rose Bowl on 1-11-11 at 11 am and we were impressed with the 80-100 folks who showed up!

They were not just from the California Area, but from all over the nation!

We shared what we could, but re-construction activity there was so noisy that we had trouble doing all that we planned to do.

None the less, this shows us that God is speaking to hearts about this Gathering of His people.

We will soon have a sign up sheet for attendance and for intercessors who wish to join us in this preparation.

ALSO, our web site, the www.RoseBowlGathering.info also has a way that you can contribute now with your credit card or bank through PayPal. This is a trusted free internet service and you do not have to join it to use them. Just look for the link that says pay with your debit or credit card. Or you can mail us at the address on our website.

Our first deposit for the stadium is $25,000. It will take God moving on hearts for us to accomplish this, but He has been showing Himself willing in so many ways that we are trusting Him for this.

When we met with the managers, they said we could meet there on that day with strict limitations of use if there were 20,000 people, but if there were more, we would have to pay more for the broader use (like a stage). We are hoping that we will have more than 20,000 people who will show up and sign up as volunteers and contributors to meet all these needs.

Please pray for us! And please do what He speaks to your heart as we pull together in this Kingdom effort.

God bless you!

LOVE, David Andrade

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