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Monday, January 17, 2011

Official Short Report

Blessings to the California Listening Team, LIFT CALIFORNIA, the Prophetic Roundtable and 11/11/11 Global friends

A short report concerning 1/11/2011 Rose Bowl prayer walk.

About 80+ attended the 1/11/11 Rose Bowl prayer inside the Rose Bowl. Pasadena, Ca in preparation for the 11/11/11 gathering

About the Rose Bowl Representative Meeting

Pastor Joseph, Michael and myself meet with the Rose Bowl manager.

In the meeting, the representative from the committee gave us a an overveiw concerning their expectations as a reality set in that the 11/11/11 gathering could attract well 25,000.

We have a current commitment of about 6,000 and we are barely getting started. They want us to assure them that the attendance will be less than 25,000 but they prefer not more than 20,000.

Should we decide to go the larger than 25,000, the charges will exponentially go up since they will need to close down the golf course for parking.

So we need to hear from the Holy Spirit as to what He desires.

Some of those that are working with the finaces have said that the event will easily pay for itself and we should go for the 100,000.

The Rose Bowl also asked that we do not use the field, that includes the stage.

We are negotiating.

We can easily assemble a stage in the bleachers and many right now say this is the way to go.

About the Rose Bowl Prayer Gathering

Among attendees 10 were from out of state.

Attendees came from as far as Atlanta, Georgia, Wisconsin, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Michigan.

Some that attended represented Salem Broadcasting KKLA,
the Jerusalem Post, the Barnabus Group, and the Chairman of the National Day of Prayer.

Global Mobilization in Progress

US East Coast, Uganda 11/11, Israel 11/11 and Korea 11/11.

Others have stated an interest.

Pastor Rick Wright and David Andrade

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