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Thursday, December 30, 2010

He Spoke Through the Wind

This testimony comes from the 30 pastors that were praying at the Rose Bowl prior to the Ca Listening Team gathering.

Testimony by Pastor Joseph Martin.
The pastors were from all differnt denominations and streams.

For The Rose Bowl 11/11/11:

We were all in the 3rd level of the press Box at the Rose Bowl (Sometimes called the Upper Room. Pastor Smith was on His knees in deep prayer when He announced out loud that GOD was going to move among us.

Earlier I had been praying by the window and knew that God was going to speak by the wind and that it would begin where we where standing and blow far into the South Land. The Boundaries would mark God’s area(s) of first influence.

I was up speaking to the group when asked if I would yield for the word of GOD because of Pastor Smith’s announcement.

From the instant of yielding, the winds of God began to blow. Pastor Smith said that it would be like the original UPPER-ROOM (Act.2:2-4) experience. We were first shocked at the force of the wind, then almost alarmed at the strength of it.

We each prayed silently as we listened to the individual tiles flap and creak on the roof of the ROSE BOWL. The wind marked the room and those standing there that day, and, on the evening news the weather man spoke of trees falling in many areas of the southland.

God marked the initial outpouring of His Spirit … the entire southland will be HIS footstool! Soon!

The UPPER ROOM was quiet except for the sound of the wind which was abrupt and immediate!

The Lord had spoken. It is done.

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