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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Summary of the 3-11 Prayer Rally - "Divine Order"


Everything that God revealed to us beforehand took place. Pastor Ruth asked for a Jewish Rabbi to do the communion, and God provided one. She also asked for the coming together of different worshippers that lead and/or play various instruments. God again provided. God also showed her that most people were to wear 11.11.11 t-shirts, and it came to pass.

From the time we got there to begin setting up, everyone was already excited and in anticipation and the atmosphere was already charged up with the presence of God. A joyous celebratory atmosphere was present and undeniable. Love was in the air as everyone hugged and greeted one another. Everyone put on their 11.11.11 t-shirts with gladness.

The Jewish rabbi, who did the communion, prayed in Hebrew, stayed the whole time, enjoyed himself, and was also led by the Holy Spirit in ministering to others. Others also prayed in their native languages (English, Samoan, Navajo, Tagalog, Spanish, Vietnamese, etc.)

God miraculously brought together 5 praise and worship leaders/groups who didn't really know each other in the natural, but were all obedient, answering the call to be there and unite, offering a sacrifice of praise and worship as one to the ONE and ONLY true God. Each had a different style, age group and nationality, yet IN CHRIST, none of this mattered because everyone was in the Spirit that night and we all just flowed as ONE. There were 21 people collectively in HIS PRAISE AND WORSHIP TEAM.

The children, the youth, adults, and elderly all joined in giving their abandoned praise and worship as they danced, jumped, sang, ran, did a Jericho March, used flags, tamborines, and all sorts of instruments to worship the King of all Kings and the Lord of all Lords.

God's praise and worship team flowed all through the night united as ONE until 2 AM. It was such a beautiful, powerful, heavenly sound. It is undescribable.

In the midst of all of this high and intense worship and praise, salvation, rededication, deliverance and healing took place. The prophetic Word of the Lord also came forth as well as prophetic songs and declarations. IT WAS so AWESOME to see it all taking place at the same time without one man controlling it. All the leaders were being led by the Holy Spirit and everything was in DECENCY and in HIS DIVINE ORDER! There were 21 pastors/leaders/evangelists/rabbi's that God divinely brought together to lead that night. There was much diversity in culture, tradition, race, socio-economic status, educational level, age, etc; yet "with one voice they praised and gave thanks."

(The number 21 is very significant for us at Shiloh Tabernacle because God used a pastor/prophet from San Francisco to proclaim His message to us on January 14, 2011 that we have 21 arrows in our quiver which means that it is already full and the arrows are ready to be shot out in every direction under the direct guidance of the Lord, which will in turn affect the whole world.)

Nobody really wanted to go home, even though the service had been going on for 7 hours. Even the kids and the young people wanted to stay longer. We had to tell them to leave as we had 3 weddings/renewals to do the following day, which was another glorious and powerful God event where several Muslims (family of the bride) got saved.

A freewill love offering was taken for the expenses for the 11.11.11 Rose Bowl. People gave willingly and cheerfully.

Aside from the spiritual fellowship, we also had fellowship afterward with various kinds of food, which we also all enjoyed eating together.

We praise God for ALL THAT HE DID and know that it will only get better as we continue to yield/surrender to His perfect will and UNITE AS ONE IN AND THROUGH HIM.

For those interested in viewing the 3.13.11 Prepare Rally in Rancho Cucamonga, it will be uploaded soon to the website: www.rosebowlgathering.info.

God bless you all.

Your Co-laborers in Christ,

Pastors Puredi and Ruth

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